Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being Human

I am human just like everyone else. I make mistakes. I stumble. And sometimes I even forget to close the freezer door. It has been brought to my attention by a few of my dear friends that Ryder is not perfect.

There are many typos and a great deal of formatting errors.
I know! Yikes is Right!! But you know what?
My dear friend and author, Robert J. Duperre, is taking the time to point these out to me. All I can say is I am deeply grateful to all his efforts in making Ryder the best it can be.

Until then, I will have this matter taken care of in the near future. Ryder is a learning experience and I hope everyone can bare with me while I take the time to learn form my mistakes. While I should be anxious about these mistakes I must remember....

Everything will be ok as long as I am in the right frame of mind :)

I have lovely pills that help with this. Thanks Doc!

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