About Me

At thirty-something years old, Greta resides on the edge of Birmingham, Alabama. She has had her own family since 1997, who she cooks for every night unless they go out for burritos. 

A fanatic of the three "R"s, Greta enjoys reading, writing, and reviewing, but she does not care much for arithmetic. That is what calculators are for. 

As a fan of fairy-tale retellings, werewolves, and YA she also enjoys horror, zombies, supernatural, and books that make her go squee and stay up past midnight. 

She is a self-proclaimed ferret who finds it hard to sit still. She enjoys knitting, watching movies, playing with her cats, and is slowly learning to overcome the fact that her teenage son finds her uncool and would rather hang out with his friends. 

Greta can also be found on Paranormal Wastelands. The best little book site in town!

Looking for Greta's author page? Find her on Goodreads!

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