Monday, February 13, 2012

The birth of Ryder

It's official! Ryder is finally up on Amazon :)

I have been working on Ryder since November 2010 and I'm ecstatic that I can now share it with the world.

For months I had wanted to tell the proper girl werewolf story. I have read several and most of them left me wanting more. Where was the action? The horror? The teeth, the eyes, the fur?

That's when it came to me. A journey that I didn't think I would ever embark on. I was going to attempt to write a girl werewolf story. But how to do it?

I had no clue.

I couldn't sleep that night. And then it came to me. Twist my favorite fairy-tale. Twist it like never before!!

And that is how Ryder was born.

Ryder is my version of a modern retelling of Red Riding Hood.

Everyone has a secret.
You're lying if you don't.
Fourteen year old Piper has tried to keep her secret hidden.
Everyone who finds out always winds up dead.
Only the man in the dark suit knows the truth.
A man she only met once.
The man who made her what she is today.
The man who bit her.
But that's all about to change.

Piper Glendale is on the run from the moon as her secret Sister Wolf wars with her. Fighting for control, Piper tries to keep her buried deep inside. But sometimes her sister breaks free.

Escaping from an institution, The Sister Wolf claws her way out. On the run her powerful body runs dry. The sun has finally risen. Piper has regained control.

Awaking in a cemetery, she prowls through the grave stones in search for food and shelter. Overlooking a hill, Piper sees a boy. A boy who is about to change her life. A boy in a faded red hood.

Based on the beloved children's classic Little Red Riding Hood, "Ryder" is a modern retelling with a twist.

Want to find out more? Go check it out on For the Low low price of 99 cents you can take Piper and Ryder home on kindle.

Click here for Ryder.

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